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Grade 1 & 2’s Writing – “My Firsts”

My Brave Year of Firsts

My Brave Year of Firsts

Jamie Lee Curtis is an author I use often for teaching and practicing making connections.  Her books always seem to touch a chord with younger children and provide many “connectable” moments.  In her latest book “My Brave Year of Firsts, she shares many first experiences that students will all be able to make connections to: first time riding a bike without training wheels, first day of school, first lose tooth, first medal, first bee sting, first time sleeping in a tent.

With the grade 1 and 2 classes this week, I used this book as a starting point for our weekly writing.  After reading the book, we brainstormed different firsts that the book made us think about.  I was amazed with how many they came up with – from “first bad haircut”, to “first soccer goal”, to “first sleep-over” to “first time I won a coloring contest”, to “first time I jumped off the diving board”.  Using one of my favorite planning sheets – the  “4 corner picture planner“, the students chose 4 “firsts” that they thought they might want to write about. After folding a blank paper into 4 squares, they drew  and labeled 4 “quick pics”  Tomorrow we will be turning our plan into a piece of writing. I can’t wait to see how they do!  Stay tuned!

4 Corner Picture Planner - "My Firsts"

4 Corner Picture Planner – “My Firsts”

“First time my Dad got a battery in his leg”

“First time I scored a break away”

“First time I got a cast on my leg”

“First time I break my bone”

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Visualizing and Connecting to a Windy Day!

windy day kidwindy day

The Windy Day by Helina Below is a wonderfully playful look at what could happen on a very windy day.  I love reading this book and asking the students to visualize what they see.  It’s fun to have the sketch images while they read and recording several “picture words” that stick. After our recent windy day, the students will also be making lots of connections! 

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Books for a Windy Day

flora's windy daywindy daywindy day 2Books for a Windy Day

Windy Day Books – With the windy day we’ve just had, it’s great to pull out some old favorites about wind for making connections! I like to read these books without showing the pictures. The students can visualize and draw some of the images they see in their mind as they hear the story.

Flora’s Very Windy Day – Jeanne Birdall;       Like a Windy Day – Frank Asch;                                                    The Windy Day -Anna Milbourne:        Gilberto and the Wind – Marie Hall Ets


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