School Visit

Auguston Demos

Auguston Demos

Auguston Traditional School – Abbotsford

On April 24th, I was invited to Auguston Traditional School in Abbotsford to do some Writing Power demonstration lessons with K-5 classes. This was a follow up session to a Writing Power workshop that the staff had attended last year.  Most of our classes have been using Writing Power and I went in to help move their learning foward.  I focused on some important writing lessons including Walking Stories and Climbing Stories with the grade 2’s, 4 Corner Picture Planning with the Grade 1’s, Personification with the grade 5’s and Organizing Ideas in writing with the Grade 4’s.  The principal, Woody Bradford, the staff and the students welcomed me with warmth and hospitality and made me feel right at home.  The school is beautiful and is fully equipped with Smart Boards, Mac Computers and Ipads!  I had to put my very limited Smart Board skills to the test!  Workshops are good for overviews, but the real learning I feel happens in classrooms with real students doing real writing.  I loved watching the students respond so positively to the lessons and seeing how they tried out what they had learned.  Thanks for a wonderful day, Auguston!

Learning together

Learning together


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