Summer reading – Day 11! A Day at the Park


Water in the Park: A Book About Water and the Times of the Day by Emily Jenkins (Toys Go Out, Skunkdog) is my feature book today.  It is the detailed account of a summer day, from sun-up to sun-set, in the life of a city park – the activities, people, animals, sounds, smells and tastes and feelings.  The book also focuses on role that water plays on all that is going on in the park.  Emily Jenkins apparently used the setting of a city park in Brooklyn as her inspiration for the book.  It is simple, charming with detailed illustrations that remind me of picture books I used to love reading when I was young – pouring over the pages and finding something new every time.
For classroom use, I would definitely use this as an anchor book for writing about a place, adding details and using the senses in descriptions.   It would also be a great book to launch a unit on “community”.  Lots of connections for Pre. K – Gr. 2!

Water in the Park Spread

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