It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – Boats, a moose and a panda!


It’s Monday and I’m happy to be participating in a weekly event with a community of bloggers who post reviews of books that they have read the previous week.  Check out more IMWAYR posts here: Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers

Toy Boat

Toy Boat – Randall de Seve

I love Loren Long’s illustrations so was immediately drawn to this new book.  It is the story of a little boy and his beloved homemade toy boat.  The boy and his boat are inseparable until a storm comes up and the boat blows away.  We then follow the boat as it begins its own adventure alone  excited at first to be “free” but encounters some dangerous situations and eventually is reunited with the boy.  The illustrations and colors are amazing – I loved the “face” on the boat!    This would be a great book for making connections to favorite toys for younger students and but older students may infer that the boy and boat could be a metaphor for a parent and child relationship.

Three Bears in a Boat

Three Bears in a Boat – David Soman

WOW!  I am IN LOVE with this book!  And quite a shift from Soman’s previous Ladybug Girl!  This story has it all – breathtaking illustrations an epic adventure and a subtle message.  Three sibling bears accidently break their mother’s favorite blue seashell.  So, rather than telling her, they set off to try to find her a new one.  Their search brings them adventure but they cannot find any blue seashells.  A rather unpredictable ending but a very forgiving mother makes everything right in the end.  A great book for questioning and predicting with a  few fun literary devises thrown in for adults!  I predict this will be the buzz book of the summer!

Once Upon a Balloon

Once Upon a Balloon – Bree Galbraith

Last week, I was “gifted” with a brand new picture book written by first time local Vancouver author Bree Galbraith.  Bree is graphic designer and a graduate from Emily Carr University.  Have you ever wondered where balloons go when they float away?  Theo does, when he accidently lets go of the string of his party balloon.  His older brother, Zeke, luckily knows everything about the land of lost balloons – they are collected by “Frank” and end up in the windy city of Chicago. After learning about what Frank does, Theo decides to send him a message of thanks. This story is whimsical and imaginative and the illustrations by Isabelle Malenfant are delightful.  A great book to celebrate gratitude and acts of kindness.

This is a Moose – Richard T. Morris

The setting of this hilarious story is a movie set where Director Duck is making a documentary about Moose.  But the Moose who is staring in the movie does not, in fact, want to be an actor, or a moose – he wants to be an astronaut!  Enter Moose’s zany forest friends to help him including a superhero chipmunk a lacrosse-playing grandma!  Lots of action, fantastic illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld and great message of following your dreams!

Chengdu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep– Barney Saltzberg

This book is adorable!  Poor Chengdu!  He cannot fall asleep no matter how hard he tries!  This book is adorable – and includes innovative, interactive fold out pages with wonderful artwork.  A great book for connecting and a perfect book for panda lovers!

Help! We Need A Title!

Help!  We Need a Title!  – Herve Tullet

The basic steps in writing a story is the premise of this book as quirky characters are about to go through their day but need help because their story hasn’t been written yet!  I really liked how the story was a “work in progress” and the readers interact with the characters to write the book.  Clever and cute!

The Boys in the Boat – Daniel James Brown

And now in keeping with my “boat” theme – I am currently reading the nonfiction book The Boys in the Boat.  Our book club pick for this month is the true story of University of Washington’s eight-oar crew and their epic quest for an Olympic gold medal in 1936.  I am only about 1/3 of the way through but am loving it!  It is the story of undeniable courage and a shared dream that 9 working class boys from the United States had.  Many of the stories came from the boys’ diaries and journals and the book includes real photographs.  The main  focus is Joe Rantz, a teenager without family who is not rowing for glory or fame but to regain his shattered self.  This is, by far, one of the best nonfiction books I have read in a long time.  Emotional, interesting, inspiring!

Thanks for stopping by!  What have you been reading this week!



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15 responses to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? – Boats, a moose and a panda!

  1. I want to read Three Bears in a Boat. Toy Boat looks beautiful. I should have known it was Loren Long! Chengdu and Help were fun picture books!

  2. This is a Moose – Can’t wait!! Wow to the other titles… Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Boys in the Boat sounds fascinating – definitely a summer read!

  4. The Boys in the Boat is definitely worth reading. A good one to add to your summer TBR list! The other boat books are also amazing! Have a great week!

  5. I think you have hooked us all with Three Bears in a Boat. I want to find it and fast! I also read Once Upon a Balloon and thought of you actually – don’t you think this is a great mentor text for writing a “creative story” to explain something – like we might do with a younger child? I loved the story telling aspect! I plan to share with my class this week. I think they will focus on the act of kindness piece. Lovely books this week Ms. Gear!

    • You will LOVE Three Bears in a Boat – it is amazing! Once Upon a Balloon – so much to love about this book and I love that it is a local author’s first book! I will be reading it to my students this week too. Great teacher minds think alike! Thanks for stopping by and nice new photo, Ms. Gelson!

  6. I loved This is a Moose. Such a fun book. I will definitely have to check out Chengdu.

  7. I have heard nothing but praise for The Boys in the Boat. I really must get my hands on it soon! Have a great week! ~Megan

  8. Wow, some brand new books, Adrienne. I love your boat theme, and really will get The Boys In The Boat, love non-fiction like that, & for the older students at school, too. The picture books all look delightful. I’ve put them on my ever-growing list! That Three Bears In A Boat sounds and looks like a real winner, but then so do they all. Thanks much!

    • Thanks, Linda! Happy you found a few books that peaked your interest. If you like nonfiction – you will LOVE The Boys in the Boat. Three Bears in a Boat is definitely one that will be getting a lot of attention. Have a great week!

  9. Hi there Adrienne – all unfamiliar books to me – thank you for sharing! How awesome to have a boat-theme in your reading. Reminded me of that Christopher Cross song, “Sailing.” Cheng-du looks really adorable, as do the other titles here. Great to see wonderful new picture books out this year.

  10. Thanks, Myra! Glad you found a few books that you are interested in. Chengdu is very cute – but I think Three Bears in a Boat is my favorite picture book of the spring! Hope you have a great week!

  11. I have several of these books checked out from the library, just need to read them now! I’m glad you spotlighted Toy Boat. I put it on hold from the library, checked it out and was very surprised that it was a board book! After seeing your review, I went back to the library website and found the actual book. Now that’s on hold for me 🙂

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