Top Ten Tuesday! My Top 10 Books about Books!

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I’m excited to join the Top Ten Tuesday posts, a meme created by The Broke and Bookish and inspired by my bookish-teacher-blogger friend, Carrie Gelson – There’s A Book for That.

For my first “top 10′ list, I thought it would be fitting to share my favorite 10 books about… you guessed it – BOOKS!

1. Book George Ella Lyon

An illustrated poem about how books lift you, comfort you, excite you…A great example of how writer and reader come together as the book opens.  Gorgeous illustrations – book love shines through on every page (just look at the girl’s face on the cover as she hugs a book).  “May it hold you.  May it set you free.”


2. Book – David Miles

Newly released, this book takes readers on a whimsical journey away from screens, gadgets and passwords into a world of knowledge, adventure and imagination – into the power of book. Gorgeous.


3. Look! – Jeff Mack

Delightful story of a little boy glued to a TV set and the charming gorilla trying to get his attention.  Subtle message told in very few words:  Turn off the TV and read a book!


4. I am the BookLee Bennett Hopkins

Thirteen poets use thirteen different poems to pay tribute to books and reading.  Great illustrations!


5. The Lonely Book – Kate Bernheimer

The different and special relationships readers have with books is explored.  Lovely.


6. What Are You Doing?  – Elisa Amando

A boy notices different people reading – but all for different reasons:  sister is reading a comic; grandpa is reading an instruction manual for fixing the car; tourists consulting a guide book.   A great book to introduce different genres and different purposes for reading.


7. Miss Brooks Loves Books – and I Don’t!  – Barbara Bottner

A librarian is determined to find young Missy the perfect book.  It takes a while but when she finally does – book joy unfolds.


8. Beatrice Doesn’t Want To – Laura Numeroff

Beatrice doesn’t like to read, until the Librarian finds a book she CONNECTS to!  A perfect book to illustrate the concept making connections!


9. It’s A Book! – Lane Smith

Hilarious, witty, clever!  No bells, whistles, passwords or chargers required.  Just open and start reading!  For anyone who hasn’t seen the book trailer – it’s almost as funny as the book!


10 Dog Loves Books – Louise Yates

Adorable story of a book loving dog who opens up his own book store.  I love how he recommends the perfect book to each customer.  Charming.


11.  (I clearly can’t count to 10!)  We Are In A Book!  – Mo Willams

Hilarious!  This book was my first introduction to Elephant and Piggie and I have read every book since.  Delightful way to teach concept of print, speech bubbles and encourages readers to re-read the story.  This is possibly my favorite read-aloud book EVER!

Thanks for stopping by!  Which books about books would be on your list?


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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! My Top 10 Books about Books!

  1. Lori

    I spend the first month reading books about reading and writing to my grade one class. I’ve collected so many now that I don’t even have time to read them all. You’ve mentioned a few here I don’t have. Time to shop!! Good think the Book Outlet is right around the corner from my house !!!!

    Some of my faves:

    The Best Place To Read (Bertram)
    The Best Books to Read (Bertram)
    Wild About Books (Sierra)
    Alfred Zector Book Collector(DePucchio)
    Bunny Loves To Read (Bentley)
    Too Many Books (Tibo)
    Ralph Writes a Story (Hanln)
    Horray for Reading Day (Cuyler)
    Read Anything Good Lately
    Read All About It (Bush)
    Born To Read (Sierra)

    • Thanks for these great suggestions! Some I know but many I don’t! I will definitely be checking these ones out! This list was mostly focused on BOOKS rather than READING – but you have inspired me to make a top 10 list about reading! Thanks so much for sharing your titles with me!

      • Lori

        Oh good I love your lists!!! I was at the book outlet today and bought nothing but will go back and look for new ones added to my list!!!

  2. All wonderful, but my favorite is A Story for Bear. Thanks, Adrienne!

    • Oh, Linda! How could I have forgotten this one???? I can’t believe I left it off the list and now want to go back and add it! It is truly one of my favorite books but I have not read it in a while! Thank you for reminding me of this treasure!

  3. I have been away and missed these! Ah books! And I see that that first one is one you gifted to me and one I especially treasure!

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