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Celebration Saturday – Swedish Celebrations!


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s

I have just returned from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden so I’m thrilled to share some of the highlights from this amazing trip on my celebration post this week.

Almost 3 years ago, I was contacted by a highly respected Swedish educational researcher named Barbro Westlund. (I actually didn’t know she was such a well-known person when she first contacted me but later learned is like the David Pearson of Sweden!) She was in Vancouver doing some research for her PhD in which she was comparing Canadian reading instruction to Swedish. She had been visiting several schools in Vancouver and had heard about Reading Power through these visits.

We met, I invited her to a workshop and later she interviewed me for her thesis. My work was cited in her published PhD, eventually leading to my book, Nonfiction Reading Power, being translated into Swedish. I was honored to have Barbro Westlund write the forward. I was then invited by the Swedish publishing company Natur & Kultur to travel Stockholm for a short of a “book tour”, ending with a presentation at the Stockholm teacher’s conference.


Amazing to think how all this unfolded but there it is! The trip was amazing – short and VERY busy but I met some amazing people.  (and best of all, my book sold out at the conference!)

Here are some of the highlights from my adventure:

On my first morning in Stockholm I took an early morning walk before my first event.  It is a stunning city and I loved the earth colors of the buildings – reds, rusts, browns, terra-cottas, sparkling water and blue skies!





My first “lecture” was at the Pedagog Stockholm.  The teachers were all so receptive and warm, taking furious notes and lots of photos of my power point slides.


That night I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Barbro’s beautiful house, where I met some of her closest friends and colleagues.   We had a delicious dinner, beginning with a special Swedish appetizer! Dinner conversation about education and teacher training was rich and lively and we laughed a lot! I will remember this dinner for the rest of my life.

IMG_1614 IMG_1617 IMG_1618

My host for during my visit was Nina Danielsson, former teacher who now works for Natur & Kultur Publishing company. She met me every morning and brought me to where I needed to be.  I enjoyed every minute I spent with her and feel I left Sweden with a new friend.

IMG_1621     huset

On Thursday morning I had a tour of the publishing company and met many people, including Lena Forssen, the executive editor.

I was interviewed for a Swedish educational magazine called Skolporten.  I had been told that someone would “take a photograph” for the article after the interview. What they did not tell me was that it was an hour and the photographer must have taken 200 photos! This article will be published in November.

My second “lecture” was at Stockholm University, where Barbro Westlund works. The audience was mostly her colleagues, professors from the education department. The group was small but very interactive and I was able to answer questions about Canadian schools and curriculum. Afterwards, I got to visit their offices, where I met my kindred spirit Eva Söderberg.  She teaches children’s literature and her office was filled with picture books! How wonderful to meet someone who loves pictures books as much as I do! She gave me a special English Pippi Longstocking picture book!

IMG_1622         IMG_1631

IMG_1627 IMG_1629

Friday was the Läskonferensen (Teacher’s conference) sponsored by Natur & Kultur  with a sell-out crowd of over 350 teachers! The building was stunning – a former dance studio in the 1950’s.   The conference began with Amanda Hartman, Associate Director of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York, who shared her ideas on best practice in reading and writing instruction.  I was very nervous before speaking – so many teachers and I only had one hour (a VERY challenging task for me!) I did my best to share the key concepts of Reading Power by showing very practical and concrete examples, model lessons, share books and a few student samples – all in an hour! Phew! I did the best I could in the time I had and everyone seemed very pleased.

IMG_2348     IMG_2357

After the conference,  I took a late afternoon walk and visited the Old Town – the oldest part of Sweden. It was so beautiful – lovely narrow, cobblestone streets and little shops. I found a Christmas store with little hand crafted decorations and I was in heaven!


IMG_1651 IMG_1652


I’m now home (wrote this blog on the plane!) The trip went by so quickly – 3 days of travelling for 3 days in Stockholm.  The only negative was that I wasn’t able to share the trip with my three “men” but maybe one day I can go back and take them with me!

I am so grateful for this wonderful experience.  Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible and for all the kindness you showed me while I was there.  I hope to return to your beautiful country in the future!


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Celebration Saturday – Spring Celebrations


 I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s).

It’s been a while since I posted my celebrations so I am excited to share some celebratory events….

1) Celebrating Spring – It’s springtime in Vancouver and the blossoms are blooming.  While we didn’t suffer the cold and snow like some parts of the country, the sign of spring is always a welcome one to me.  The shorter nights, longer days, color and fresh air gives me energy and lifts my spirits.

IMG_0221 IMG_0220

2) Celebrating an Email – I give a lot of workshops in many different school districts and work with a lot of teachers, sharing lessons and anchor books which I hope will inspire.   While I don’t know for certain that what I say is impacting anyone, it is always my hope that someone somewhere will feel inspired, try a lesson or share a great book with their class.   Last week I received a “thank you”  email from a grade 3 teacher from Chilliwack.  She said she uses Reading and Writing Power with her grade 3 class.  During one of her Transform lessons, she read one of my favorite recommended books Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Jenkins.  After reading the book, she encouraged her students to perform “random acts of kindness” in their community.  One of her students went beyond the call to help his disabled twin brother.  You can read the newspaper article here.  I celebrate Christine Blessin, her wonderful class, Lane and his brother, kindness, and the power of books that can transform us.


3) Celebrating books – This week I discovered a box of new spring releases from Kids Can Press on my front porch!  They send me a box twice a year with their new releases to read and recommend.  It feels like Christmas when I open the box and get to touch (and sniff!) all the new books!  I will be featuring them in a later post – but here they all are on my living room floor!  (Happy book dance!)



4) Celebrating old friends – In the busy life of being a parent of two teens, teaching and giving workshops, I don’t often get a chance to “hang out” with friends.  During the beginning of my spring break, my dearest friend Cheryl and I went on a “girlie getaway” to Victoria, B.C.  We stayed two nights at the beautiful Oak Bay Beach hotel.  We walked, rented bicycles, went for runs, had tea and scones in bakeries, swam in the pool, had nice meals together, talked and talked and laughed a lot!  The highlight, of course, was spending hours and hours in my favorite books stores – Russell Books and Munro’s Books.  It is amazing what a couple of days away with a friend can do for your soul.


IMG_1456 IMG_1453



IMG_1437  IMG_1430



5) Celebrating New Friends – I meet many amazing educators in my job giving workshops in many different school districts.  Two of these amazing educators, Lisa Wilson and Donna Kozak,  have become very dear friends.  Time spent in the company of my “literacy soul sisters” is a gift to me.  Whenever they come to Vancouver or I go to Kelowna, we try to connect.  Earlier this month, we met at the Secret Garden Tea Room and had a lovely afternoon drinking tea, talking about literacy, life and laughing a lot.  I am grateful for any time I have the pleasure of their company.  They are brilliant, kind and I feel as if I have known them all my life.


5) Celebrating Snowboarding – Just before Spring Break, my eldest son travelled to Revelstoke, B.C. with his high school ski and snowboard team to compete in the provincial High School Races.  He was racing against students from all over the province – and he won a bronze medal in his second snowboard race!  His whole team did very well and combined for a 2nd place in the event.  Thrilled and proud!


IMG_1485 spencer snowboard

6) Celebrating family – My cousin got married earlier this month.  It was a beautiful wedding filled with love and tremendous joy.  It was wonderful to be together with cousins, uncles and aunts, sisters, nieces and nephews and friends celebrating together.  Family joy. My mum would have been overjoyed to see Andrew get married.  I miss my parents very much.

wed 2

Beautiful bride


My cousin Andrew and new wife, Melissa.


My uncle, aunt, two cousins (groom is far left) and two sisters.


Love my sisters!


Three Gear girls and their families.


Uncle Dan and his 3 nephews (my boys are on far left and right….the ones who look as if they are drinking!)


I am grateful for all the moments in my life I have to celebrate.  What are you celebrating this week?


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Celebration Saturday


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s).

It’s been a few weeks (month?) since I last wrote about my celebrations and I’m feeling as though I’m behind in acknowledging all that is positive in my life!  It’s been a busy month – getting back to my classroom, school, workshops and the busy life of my family (and boys in sports) so it’s important to take a moment to pause, breathe and be grateful.

1)  Sharing joys – I continue to be blessed with the opportunity to present workshops to amazing groups of educators.  It brings me such joy to be able to share lessons, stories, challenges, reflections and celebrations of my own teaching practice with other teachers.  I have been to several different districts this month, including North Vancouver, Prince George, northern Saskatchewan and a workshop in my own school, J. W. Sexsmith, for our district Pro. D.  Each visit is an adventure and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share my learning journey with others.


Images from my trip to La Loche, Saskatchewan.  (Yes!  I flew on that tiny plane!)

2) Learning joys – “JOY is one letter away from JOB”! This was the final message from Katie Keier,  co-author of Catching Readers Before They Fall, in her Key Note address at yesterday’s Primary conference in Prince George. As a presenter myself, I don’t often have an opportunity to listen to other speakers but was fortunate enough to listen to Katie and her inspiring message about creating classrooms that “Inspire, empower, motivate, support, nurture and celebrate” students. She shared photos from her kindergarten classroom in Virginia and I got many practical ideas from her including three kinds of classroom problems: “glitch, bummer and disaster” – I’m going to use that one!  My breakout sessions, that focused on Primary Writing, were filled with enthusiastic teachers, many of whom I have worked with before. It was a wonderful conference to be a part of.


Katie Novak’s Key Note presentation in Prince George and one of my break-out sessions.

2) Classroom joys – Although I only see my class briefly each week, I love the precious time we spend together.  I love the hugs, the laughs, the excitement I see in each child.  I celebrate the fact that I can actually HEAR them learning.

3) Publishing joys Reading Power in SWEDISH!   The Swedish publishing company who is translating my book sent me a sneak peak of the cover.  It’s strange seeing my name on the cover when I can’t read the title!  I do love the photo they chose for the cover and I’m SOOO excited.  I will be travelling to Stockholm in April for the release of the book and to present at their Teachers Conference! Can you say “glada”? (I think that is Swedish for “excited”!!)


4) Family joys – I love my boys – two of whom are growing into fine young men.  I am now officially the shortest member of the family.  My eldest is learning to drive – he is thrilled; I am a little sad and a little scared!


What are you celebrating this week?


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Celebration Saturday – Classroom and Christmas celebrations!


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s).

Here are the things I’m celebrating this week…

1) Celebrating completed report cards – This is always a stressful time in a teacher’s life – so it is a huge relief to have those envelopes stuffed and sent home.  I am only in the classroom part time, but teaching partner worked extremely hard on these reports.  Thanks, Katie!

2) Celebrating Pen Pals – This year, my class will be Pen Pal’s with a grade 2 and 3 class at the Country Day School in Toronto.  Despite the length of time it took us to get this organized, we finally got our first introductory letters mailed!  Hoping our letters arrive safely and looking forward to hearing from our Pen Pals!

2) Celebrating writing – I have been working closely with the grade 6’s at my school on writing this term.  It has been so rewarding seeing their growth over the past few months, as they have been applying many of the writing techniques to weekly “practice writes”. This week, our final writing piece was on “My Special Place” – where they wrote a description of a special place that holds many memories for them.  We were focusing on trying to create a visual image for our readers by including the senses.  I used my favorite anchor book for this writing – The Hello-Goodbye Window by Norton Justin – a delightful story of a girl’s special place inside her “nanny and poppy’s” house. I am looking forward to reading their pieces this week!


3) Celebrating Kindergarten Connecting – I have been teaching the kindergarten students about “making connections” this term.  Each week, I visit the class, share a book and we practice making connections.  I have enjoyed seeing the children respond so well to the books.  Last week. I read “Too Many Toys” by David Shannon and the children made connections to toys that they COULD give away and toys that they absolutely COULD NOT give away!  (love the “Dum” truck!)

too many toys            0195fb89ab3e0ad57c5b989cdc2fe2572655b3dacf                                                           012805298776f979cf1fde52c369173b432e3d117b

4) Celebrating Christmas –  I LOVE Christmas!  It is, by far, my favorite time of year.  Tis the season to pull out my tubs of decorations and said hello to all my old Christmas friends.  Our tree is not up yet – but it’s sitting in a bucket in our back yard waiting to be decorated!  Shortbread recipes are pulled out and my family’s favorites: toffee squares are in the fridge!

5) Celebrating traditions – Every year, my dad would make fresh wreaths for family, friends and neighbours.  He made dozens of wooden wreath rings, which he could replenish with Christmas greens each year and deliver them to neighbours and friends. After Christmas, the greens were removed and the wreaths returned.  When he died many years ago, my sisters and I divided up the wreath rings and tried to carry on the tradition with our own friends. Last week,  I replenished the greens on 8 wooden wreaths and delivered them to my friends, now part of my own Christmas tradition.  There is one wreath ring I keep and make for myself.  It is the one labeled “Adrienne” on the back in my dad’s printing – 8 letters I treasure.

015ce7ee715eefe00fd19d5ebae70668974ba80dc0    01b21bc1035737622d71d5ec0ceab0703d1c5e22b1

6) Celebrating my sister – Last week, my sister’s book “Taan’s Moons” was released.  I am so very proud of her!  The book is a collaboration of author, artist and students.  The poem, written by my sister, is highlighted by gorgeous reproductions of large felt tapestries created by artist Kiki van der Heiden and the students of SD 50 Haida Gwaii, B.C., where my sister has lived for the past 17 years.  The story follows Taan (“Bear” in Haida language) as she experiences the wonders of the seasons through the different phases of the moon.  A stunning book with many links to First Nations, science and social studies.

Watch a short clip about the book:


7) Celebrating giving – Every year at this time, the gals in my book club get together and make hampers for needy families in the downtown Eastside.  We have been doing this for the past 13 years and it is always a wonderful way of giving back to those less fortunate.  The site of these laundry baskets filled to the brim with toys, diapers, baby food, toothbrushes and shampoo brings the Christmas spirit a little closer to all of us.


8) Celebrating this picture – This is a picture of my eldest son, at the top of Blackcomb Mountain, taken on his first snowboard day of the season.  I celebrate the extraordinary beauty of this majestic province we live in, captured in this amazing photo (taken by his buddy); I celebrate that my son has the opportunity to experience such beauty; I celebrate that when my son showed me this photo he said,  “Look, mum – here’s my Carpe Diem pose”.  The phrase “seize the day” is my motto, my mantra, my words of wisdom that I have always tried to live by.  To hear my son say those words back to me….well, my heart is still smiling.


What are you celebrating this week?

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Celebration Saturdays – Fall Celebrations


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week.

Well, school started and I hit the ground running and have not really come up for air for many weeks!  But there are lots of things to celebrate so I am happy to pause for a moment and reflect on the goodness!

1) My class – I celebrate my class and the time we spend together, however brief it is!  It is a bit of an adjustment having younger students (Gr. 2-3) but they are so lovely and enthusiastic!  We begin each “Marvelous Monday” with an APP – which stands for Attendance, Passing Rock and Precept.  The passing rock is a lovely way to build community and get to know each student. We pass around a small rock and share a thought on a topic.  The precept comes from the extraordinary book 365 Days of Wonder by R.J. Palacio.   I love quotes and I like to start our day with words of wisdom to ponder.  Last week the quote we recited and reflected on was:  “Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” – Henry James

2) Teaching Partner –  I celebrate my wonderful new teaching partner – Katie (Ms. Pallen).  She is working so hard getting to know the school, staff and students and is really adding such a positive energy to the school.  She has a strong literacy background so I know our students will be surrounded with great books all year!  She also teaches our class yoga – what fun!


3) Todd Parr Poster – I celebrate Todd Parr!   A few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Todd Parr’s website.  He was giving away 5 autographed Reading Posters – and I won one!  (a few hundred of his followers had entered the contest so I felt VERY lucky!) I was thrilled and can’t wait to share the news with my class.  We had made Todd Parr inspired art and I sent him a photo of some of the students’ work.  He wrote back and said my class was VERY talented!  I couldn’t agree more!


Todd Parr inspired Art by my wonderful class!

4) Workshops – After many cancellations during the teacher’s strike, I celebrate the fact that my workshops are back in full swing.  I feel so fortunate that I am able to teach children for part of the week and then am able to share my experiences with other teachers.  I have enjoyed spending time in many schools and districts including a day of demo lessons at Peachland Elementary school (SD 23), an afternoon session on Literature  Circles, sharing lessons from Nonfiction Reading Power with three schools in Kelowna and the first of a series on Effective Writing Instruction and Assessment with an amazing group of teachers from SD 5 (Southeast Kootenay)


Teachers from three schools in Kelowna learning and sharing ideas about Nonfiction Reading.

5) Friendships – I celebrate Donna and Lisa!  Just over a year ago, I met two amazing educators in Kelowna – Lisa Wilson and Donna Kozak.  We became fast friends and I love spending time with them when I visit their school district.  We always have great conversations about literacy, learning and life and best of all, we laugh a lot!


Love my visits with Donna and Lisa!

6) Thanksgiving – I celebrate family.  The stars aligned for Thanksgiving weekend.  I was in Kelowna working, my in-laws are there and BOTH my boys had sports tournaments there! It was a little hectic racing from hockey rink to baseball field 4 times in one day but great we were all in one place at one time (a rare occurrence when both your children play different sports) and got to share Thanksgiving with extended family.


Baseball in the fall sunshine!

7)  Sweden – My books have been translated into French and Chinese and this spring they will be released in Swedish! (can hardly believe it!)   Nothing is confirmed yet, but there is a possibility I might be attending a big teacher’s conference in Sweden in April that will coincide with the release of the books!  Stay tuned!

8)  Fall –  I celebrate Fall – my favorite time of year.  Fall is a feast for the senses.


9) Sweet 16 – Saving the best for last – my greatest celebration is for my oldest son, who turns 16 today.  I am so very proud of the young man he is growing into and the abundance of joy he has brought us since 9:48 am on October 18, 1998.    Happy Birthday, Spencer!

baby spencer

October 18, 1998


October 18, 2014

Thanks for stopping by!  What are you celebrating this week?


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Celebration Saturday – Back to School Where We Belong!


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week.

Back to school we go!  Finally!  I am THRILLED that the teacher’s strike is over and that soon we will all be back where we belong!  This Monday we will FINALLY be able to greet out students and welcome them into our classrooms and into our hearts!

Today I am celebrating the end to the teacher’s strike.  As some of you are aware, the teachers in British Columbia have been on strike  and on the picket lines since the middle of June.  After a marathon weekend of mediated bargaining (which many feel should have happened during the summer but didn’t), the teacher’s union and the provincial government came up with a tentative agreement.  On Thursday, the teachers voted 86% in favor of the new contract, putting an end to the strike.  This Monday (in 49 hours to be exact!) – we will FINALLY be able to walk INTO the school, instead of standing and walking OUTSIDE!  Although there are still some issues left to be resolved, and many voted with a “reluctant yes” – the alternative was far worse.  It’s time to move forward and get back to teaching.   I am giddy with happiness.


CHEERS! The Strike is OVER! Celebrating with my staff outside the steps of our school on the last day of picketing.

Since I was five years old, September has always meant “back to school” for me.  But for the first time since then, I didn’t start school in September – not by choice but by circumstance.   And since NOT starting school, I have been feeling a little lost; a little “discombobulated”, a little antsy.  I discovered, since being on strike, that I  am less productive when I am not busy.  (how does that work???)  I discovered, since being on strike, that I love my teenage boys but don’t love the teenage smell that is permeating up from the basement room where they have been hanging out with their friends during this endless summer!  But most of all, I discovered, since being on strike, that I am my best self when I am in front of a group of eager, open faces and without that, I was beginning to loose a little piece of who I am.  I am a teacher.  I am proud to be a teacher; I am grateful to be a teacher. And I cannot wait to begin learning, sharing, discovering, laughing, reading, writing, singing, creating alongside my students.

A.A. Milne says it best: “Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.”    I am grateful, beyond words, that I, along with 40,000 other teachers in B.C., will be back in front of our students on Monday where we belong.


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Celebrate Saturday – End of Summer Celebrations


I’m happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s).

Well, summer is over – but it doesn’t exactly feel like it  The sun is still shining and the schools are still closed!  It’s a little challenging to feel in a celebratory mood when the teacher’s strike here in B.C. is still preventing teachers from teaching and students from learning.  But despite that, I have lots of things to celebrate and be grateful for as my summer came to an “unofficial” end.    Here are my recent celebrations:

1)  My husband had a milestone birthday and I planned a surprise party for him.   It was low key  – but all his buddies showed up at the pitch and putt near our house and then back to our place for a barbeque.  Lots of laughs, lots of beer, lots of fun!  The highlight was his brother David who had flown in from Kelowna for the weekend to surprised him – loved the look on both of their faces!


My hubby gets a surprise visit from his brother.


Beers on the deck after golf.

3)  My trip to Toronto – Last week I spent two wonderful days in Toronto.  When I arrived, my publisher from Pembroke, Mary Macchiusi, took me on an amazing adventure!  We spent the day visiting some spectacular places, the highlight of which was Niagara falls.  I had never been there before and it truly was a remarkable sight.  The power of the water was something I had never experienced before and I could actually feel the strength of the falls inside my stomach!   Majestic and hypnotic.  There was a rainbow stretching across the entire falls.  I have never seen both sides of a rainbow before – it was amazing.

Niagara Falls with my Pembroke publisher (and friend) Mary Macchuisi.



We also visited the charming streets of Niagara on the Lake and stopped by a winery.  A little history as we stopped to see  Laura Secord’s house and climbed the 250 winding steps to the top of the General Brock monument, site of one of the famous battles of 1812.  A small but spectatular view from the top!  (Coincidentally, the first two schools I ever taught in in Vancouver were called   General Brock Elementary and Laura Secord Elementary!  Too funny!)  It was a day PACKED with so many amazing sites, great food and wonderful company.  Thanks, Mary!


General Brock monument.


View from the top of General Brock monument – Canada on one side of the river USA on the other!



Laura Secord’s house.

Day 2 – I presented a workshop at The Country Day School in King, Ontario.   This school has been using Reading Power in the primary grades for a year and had invited me to spend the day with them during for their one of their Pro. D. days.  I spent the morning giving an overview of Reading Power to the whole staff and then spent the afternoon with the primary staff  sharing my ideas on “going deeper” with some of the strategies.   The staff was amazing – so warm and enthusiastic.  It was a pleasure meeting them and I am grateful to Jenny Handrigan for inviting me and Ann Wildberger for her support in bringing me there.


Staff of The Country Day School.


Primary staff at the Country Day School.

3) My son – the hockey goalie.  I know summer is officially over when hockey try-outs start!  I have mixed feelings about putting children through such a stressful and often disappointing process.  They say it builds character but it can be so hard to watch.  I celebrate my goalie son and his willingness each year to take the risk and put  himself out there to be “selected” or “rejected”.  It’s not an easy experience for him (or his parents!) and I admire his courage and determination, whether he “makes the team” or doesn’t.


4) Facebook Page – I have never been a huge follower of Facebook – I have a personal profile but very rarely update it.  My good friend Jen Daerindinger has been encouraging me to start a Facebook page for  Reading Power – focusing on posts for teachers and sharing books and lessons.  This past week she came over and helped me set it up.  I am thrilled with how easy it is and how much fun I’m having posting and reading through feeds. Here’s the link in case you want to check it out! (Thanks, Jen!)

Hoping you have many things to celebrate this week!  Thanks for stopping by!






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